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- more search engines and directories
- thematic search engines (people, business, job, legal, medical, ...)
- advanced options

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multiple search engines
Multiple Searcher (free edition)
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Multiple Searcher Pro
multiple search engines


Have you ever wanted to search with multiple search engines at the same time? We know you can imagine the time you'd save if you were able to use one search tool to pull data from popular search engines, social networks, and blogs at once. Now this is possible with Multiple Searcher, an unique freeware application you can use to scour more of the Web.
Search with multiple search engines at the same time!
Multiple Searcher is an easy to use search tool to save time and boost efficiency. Itis a handy and reliable application designed to help you search for keywords using multiple engines at the same time. It provides support for Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing, Yandex and more. Simply select the search engines you want to use, write the keyword and press the 'Search' button. The search results will be displayed in your default browser. Optimize your searches! Multiple Searcher is the ultimate application for privates, schools or businesses. Advertising and marketing companies, real estates, investigators, sellers and buyers, employers and webmasters will find Multiple Searcher essential. Choose the best search tool for your daily information need!

multiple search engines

multiple searcher
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multiple search engines

Free Edition - Latest version: 1.2
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