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When you want to post photos or pictures on the Web or email them, it's good to scale them down to a small size so your recipients can load them faster. Or, you may need to scale the photos down to get them to fit on a CD, memory card, flash drive or to paste images into your docuuments.

Gecko Image Resizer is an easy-to-use multiple image resizer that allows you to resize a whole folder of pictures or multiple pictures at once in two simple steps. You just have to specify the image(s) or (and) the image folder(s) and the software does everything for you. Of course you can choose the destination directory.

The reduced files are saved in a different folder or subfolder (named Resized), so your original images are not altered at all. It also allows you to keep the original EXIF information from your images. A great companion for webmasters and digital photographers.

It works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8 operating systems, 32 or 64 bit.


Click HERE to download a fully funcional demo (10 times), or go to the PRODUCTS page to order and download Gecko Image Resizer, the ultimate multiple image and photo resizer.









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"As webmaster I often need to resize multiple images at the same time and get the thumbs to post in the related galleries.

With the applications I used until now I spent 10 to 20 minutes to resize and build an album. With this one, everything is done within 2 minutes. Thumbs are automatically separated from the resized pics in a different directory. I simply need to copy everything in the website and upload.

Thanks Gecko Friends."


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