Gecko Casino Pro


Enjoy hours of fun and games with this nice Casino simulation. Black Jack, Slot Machine, Video Poker, Napoli Memory game, Horse Race and much more. Bonuses, Challenges and surprises inside. Relaxing Graphics and realistic sounds. Come on! Enter in the Casino and chip on various possible random outcomes. Shania will be there to play with you. Your personal hostess and dealer.

The game is provided with Tutorials, rules and instructions. Written in Visual Basic 6. For fun only!


Go to the PRODUCTS page to order and download "Gecko Casino Pro" or try the fully funcional demo (download it here).

More Gecko Casino Pro Screenshots:
The application is written in Visual Basic 6 using a XP machine. If you are a developer and looking for the full source code of Gecko Casino Pro, contact us (back to the main page, "Contact Us" section).

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