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new thai lottery lucky numbers generator V. 10.0 RELEASED !

โปรแกรมหวย โปรแกรมคํานวนหวย

The first and actually the only Statistical Number Picker developed specifically for the Thai Lottery! Based on previous draws.

Increase your chances by picking numbers and combinations statistically generated! Numbers selected are unbiased and are chosen using a half-random number generator that picks lottery numbers with the most chances of winning. The user can manually exclude numbers from the next session of generated numbers.

All infos, screenshots and free demo.


thai lottery lucky numbers generator


Debbie vs Pythagoras

Another challenge of the beautiful Debbie.

Sure that geometry is an exact science?
Is the Pythagorean Theoreme foolproof? Debbie found something strange in it, and she wants to share her discover with you.

Are you ready?

Freeware. Screenshot and Download here.

Debbie vs Pythagoras



multiple search engines

Have you ever wanted to search with multiple search engines at the same time? We know you can imagine the time you'd save if you were able to use one search tool to pull data from popular search engines, social networks, and blogs at once. Now this is possible with Multiple Searcher, an unique freeware application you can use to scour more of the Web. One click to reach the whole web !

More infos, screenshot and free download link HERE.

multiple search engines




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Gecko Image Resizer
multiple image resizer
Easy-to-use multiple image resizer that allows you to resize a whole folder of pictures or multiple pictures at once in two simple steps.
Pattaya Map
Pattaya Map
Simply the best map of Pattaya for your computer or paper publication.
Gecko Keyboard
virtual keyboard
A virtual onscreen keyboard that helps you to put symbols in your documents or emails.
Gecko Casino Pro
virtual casino
Enjoy hours of fun and games with this nice Casino simulation.

Canadian Blackbirds

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